spring sewing


i have been sewing up a (small) storm lately.  making more garments with salvaged/second-hand/reclaimed fabrics.  it's easier to find uses for smaller amounts of material when making summer things...  hello, sleeveless.  in a minute i'm going to go work on a pattern that will hopefully only take one yard of fabric.

here are a few knit tops that will be part of this more less update (not sure when yet).  and glimpses of some of the other garments.

Three knit tops




  1. Looks great!
    I really really really like the sailor stripe shirt I bought from your store last fall. I've gotten a ton of wear out of it.

  2. thanks!
    and i'm so very happy to hear that last year's striped top was a hit. yay!

  3. These look amazing! I can't wait for those stripes to hit your shop. Are you guys enjoying spring yet? It's 90 here in Austin, which seems insane.

  4. hi natalie! thanks! oh, man. i'm kind of jealous of your hot temps. we had about 3 days of spring-like weather and then it got super-cold again. i think it even snowed last night. don't you miss those northern winters that never seem to end. :)