a slow introduction

i was planning on waiting until i have all the new 'more less' pieces finished to have a wham-bang preview and shop update...  but now i'm thinking that a slow introduction will be better.  partly because i couldn't wait to show you these two tops.  i finished the pattern a couple days ago and i'm quite pleased with it.  french underarm darts and little back shoulder darts make for a slimmer silhouette while still being summery and loose-ish.  and even tuck-in-able (high waisted jeans?).  i can't wait to try this with some other modifications (buttons up the back, vintage lace trim...).  i actually couldn't fall asleep last night because my brain was whirring, considering the possibilities.  crazy brain.

the shop update is tentatively scheduled for april 15.  yay!




oh, and can you believe that i found these fabrics second hand?  i may never go into a real fabric store again.  well, maybe not never.

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  1. That navy blue one has my name on it! Loving these, Marie.