paisley pleat

finished sewing this top last week.  started with the same pattern as my last one...  this time with a pleat and a round neck.  this bright (thrifted) fabric seemed perfect for fall, but there was only enough for short sleeves.  that's okay, it's nice layered, too.

11-2-11 012     11-2-11 006

11-2-11 007     11-2-11 009


  1. I love it! And it looks great with those jeans. Mind me asking what brand they are? I can never find jeans I like, especially for wearing with shorter tops.

  2. thanks! funny you should ask about the jeans... i've been on the lookout for some nice higher-waisted ones for a while, but couldn't find anything that fit right. finally i found a pair last weekend at a second-hand shop that fit perfectly... the only problem is that there's no tag or brand name anywhere on them (the button says "from 1984" and that's it). normally that wouldn't be a problem, but i'd love to find them new and buy another pair! :) crazy. anyway, sorry i can't be more helpful! -m

  3. oh, wait! i just searched again and found a teeny tiny tag. they're from UNIQLO.

  4. Ahhh, that's awesome! Thank you so much! They do look really great. I love that they don't have any decorative stitching on the pockets, I'm not a big fan of that.
    Just found your blog recently and really love it. You've inspired me to whip out my sewing maching and make myself something. :)

  5. no prob and thanks! good luck with sewing. :)