pockets and colors

we took a little walk up the biggest hill in our neighborhood the other day.  it's not too big, but you can sees over the treetops (and kids sled down it in the winter (sometimes crashing into treetrunks)).  david took these photos of me in my new shirt.  the more i wear this one the more i like it.  the fabric is so soft, i think it will crinkle up wonderfully with washings.

10-9-11 022

10-9-11 027

10-9-11 034

10-9-11 039

10-9-11 041

i bought these new red cords at t.j. maxx on the way home from a successful dentist appointment (no cavities!).  i'm wearing one of my favorite hats which was handmade by a girl in minneapolis.

happy fall!