photo shoot

as a wedding anniversary gift (to himself?) my brother-in-law asked me to take some photos of his lovely wife.  i was pretty nervous, since i hadn't done this formal of a photo shoot before, but it was really fun.  we drove around town all evening looking for interesting locations.  i think we got some great shots.  here are my favorites:

S!model shane 124

S!model shane 140     S!model shane 173

S!model shane 198

S!model shane 280     S!model shane 313

S!model shane 332

S!model shane 361     S!model shane 387

shane (pictured here) says she's never modeled before.  she seems to be a natural, don't you think?


  1. She looks so pretty! I like the one with her hair flipping in the wildflowers.

  2. doesn't she, though? who knew fort wayne had so many fun photo locations?