a peek

been having fun sewing up some new kids clothes.  the next batch will feature lots of roll-able cuffs that show off fun contrasting fabrics.  more long sleeves and pieces perfect for layering.  also some tops (and pants?) will be completely reversible!  i had a few reversible garments when i was a kid and i thought they were the coolest things ever.

yesterday i met up with my sister and  nephew, max.  he adorably modeled some of this new gear.  super excited to show you photos!  here's a little peek for now...

August 12 009

max wearing the neon kitty tee:

Max models 138


  1. adorable. i love reversable stuff. i'm going to make a purse with the same idea...that way when one side gets dirty--boop! because i couldn't just WASH IT, now could i?

  2. a reversible purse is a great idea! no washing till both sides get dirty. :) come to think of it i need a reversible shirt myself, so when i'm out and drip food on it i can just slip in to the restroom and switch it around. voila!

  3. Looove those cuffs! And Max is looking so old!

  4. i know! i hadn't seen him in too long, and he became a little boy. crazy.