more less :: shop update

everything is available in the plastic foliage shop!


the other night i was having fun sketching some of the tops:

sort of made me want to make paper dolls again.

happy monday!


  1. I cried some tears when I realized the white diamonds tank is a size 38 bust. I think it would swim on me. Let me know if you are doing any smaller sizes. xo

  2. awww. i was kinda wondering about that... since that top fits me and i remember your cute-tiny-ness. although i did have a friend try it on who is a extra small according to my sizing chart ( http://www.plasticfoliage.com/size-chart )and it looked good on her, just a little big. anyway, i just finished grading that pattern down (and up) so hopefully i'll have some xs stuff in the shop soon. :) p.s. i'm a 34 bust so there is supposed to be some roomy-ness to the top. :) have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks, Marie! I'll keep checking back for when you add some smaller sizes.
    I finally bought a dress form and am really excited abut starting to make some things for myself. Any good book recs? I recently bought this killer Japanese pattern book called "She has a Mannish Style". A friend is going to help me translate the patterns as it's all in Japanese! Should be interesting.