beetle tee (the making of)

i usually don't take so many photos of the sewing process, but this was a momentous project after all!

here is one yard of my beetle-bug fabric ready to be pinned and cut.  i made sure to position the pattern pieces to all face in the same direction since this fabric design has a definite up & down.  (i used #18 from japanese pattern book "check & stripe floral" like my last tee).

sewing beetle bug tee 1

everything cut out plus the 1.25" wide strip for the neck and sleeve binding:

sewing beetle bug tee 2

cute pocket:

beetle bug pocket

cute pocket carefully sewn on:

beetle bug tee pocket

getting ready to sew on the neck binding:

sewing beetle bug tee 3

neck binding sewn on.  ironing the raw edge to meet the serged edge, which then gets folded over to make a neat and even finish.

sewing beetle tee neck

same on the sleeves.  pinning it in place on the right side.

sewing beetle bug tee 4

(getting late).  i like to use my "stitch in the ditch" foot to sew super-close to the binding on the right side.

sewing beetle bug tee 5


beetle tee finished 3


  1. Love the fabric you designed! You turned it into a very cute tee!

  2. thanks, sarahjane! i was hoping that all these in-progress shots wouldn't be too boring. :)

  3. It's so precious! I'm sure you'll have tons of people asking where you got this one. :)

  4. thanks, emily! too true. you don't see many tees covered in beetles these days... although, i did see a top made from a ladybug print the other day, but that's totally different. :)