an afternoon sewing project:  curtains for the studio doors.  i don't know why i didn't make some a long time ago.  the diffused light is so lovely, and they are easy to pull back for a blast of sun when we need it. 

the checkered chair is one i re-covered and the scrawny jade plant is coming back.  i hope.

6-17-12 014a

6-17-12 007b

6-17-12 011a


  1. Lovely light! The pattern on your chair is so adorable! I'm hoping to move into my first apartment soon and i've caught the Interior Design bug :P Hopefully i will make a lot of the stuff (like curtains, pillows, etc) :))

  2. oh, fun! I've been itching to re-decorate our space lately (new paint, please)... hope your new apartment works out. :)

  3. d'aww. painting would be super!
    me too! thank you :))