new in the shop

a few totes from new fabric.  i love the green retro print.  it's super sturdy, i actually re-covered a chair in it. for by our mini organ. :)

May7 004

i've made a handful of these 'pocket abe' tees for friends and family.  always a hit.  there are a few in the shop now, so when you feel all alone, at least you'll have abe to talk to.

Pocket abe 1

Pocket abe 2
but who are you running from, david?


  1. ooh, if you have any extra Abes running around you can fit into an XL, I'll get one for my bro.

  2. hi scott! i don't have any XL pocket tees to put an abe in, but i could certainly get one... if there's another color/brand that you think your bro would prefer we could customize... (as long as it's not too dark). just let me know!