jane eyre

we finally saw the new jane eyre.  so good.

last fall i read the entire book aloud to david (except for one short part that he read while i was driving us to chicago).  after we finished the book we decided to watch as many of the film adaptations as we could handle.  we started with the 1943 version starring orson welles as mr. rochester.  quite good.  awesome black & white cinematography.  and the littlest elizabeth taylor i've ever seen (as helen).

Jane eyre 1

we watched the 2006 masterpiece theater version, which was super good, but mr. rochester was far to handsome.

also,  this one with charlotte gainsbourg and this one with samantha morton (and i think this one with timothy dalton, but they're all kind of running together right now).

hmmm, there was another mini-series version that we tried to watch, but it was so bad that we quit after about 20 minutes.

soooo, all i really wanted to say is that i think the newest version is the best adaptation.  best casting, amazing cinematography, costumes, everything.  i could just stare at stills from this movie and be happy.

just this clip makes me teary.


the end.


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