totes, too

yup.  i'm also adding a few totes made from second hand fabrics to the shop.  you can always use another tote, right?  i know i can.

i almost couldn't let go of this one.  printed with crayon sky scribbles.  rainbows and clouds.  lined with pieces of red and white shirts.

 Tote 2a

Tote 2b

and who doesn't love a field of daises?

Tote 3a

and if you want to be a gingham bomb, carry this tote while you wear this top and, um, these shorts.  did somebody say 'too much'?

Apr12 075

or you can have fun coordinating with your more less tees:

Totes on arm
also, if you hop on over to the plastic foliage shop, you'll see that i've begun loading photos/prices/sizes of the new items.  descriptions come next.  everything will be available on monday (april 18).  hooray!


  1. Man, you've been busy! It all looks so great!

  2. thanks! i kind of can't believe how much stuff i've made for this update.

  3. Hello. :) I found your blog recently and am enjoying it. Those totes are adorable! I just love the fabrics.

  4. hi elizabeth! thanks so much for visiting. :) and i'm glad you like the totes. -marie