snow fun

between blizzards we've had some fun with the ol' landie. 

more often than not, when i say to david:  will you go stand over there so i can take your picture?  he goes over there and says:  what do you want me to do?  should i jump?  and usually i say:  yes.  jump.

(new flickr set)


and now we've got all these mountain ranges popping up in parking lots.  here he is gazing across the new lumpy landscape at "great clips" where he's about to get a haircut.


i finished this jigsaw puzzle the same day we took these photos.  pretty crazy, eh?

Puzzle mountain


  1. wow look at that last photo, it's amazing!

  2. That is a riot! Even the deer looks impressed.

  3. yeah, as i pieced this puzzle together i kept thinking how disappointed the photographer must have been that he couldn’t get the deer to look at the camera… but when i placed the photo it all made sense. it’s like the deer knew.