hat success

i'm so happy to have finally knit a hat that fits and looks pretty okay.  (i think i've knit about a hat per year for the last five years or so, and they've all been flops for some reason or another).  i used the simple pleasure hat pattern from the purl bee.  the grey yarn is this super soft frog tree merino that i bought with a gift certificate over a year ago...  the dusty peach color is lion brand wool that i had stashed away. (i think this is my favorite color combo right now).





  1. Ha! You got your photo taken while stocking up for blizzard 2011? That hat's gonna make you famous! I've been wanting to try the frog tree merino!

  2. it was pretty funny, because the photographer lady seemed totally disappointed when, after she took my photo, i told her that we weren't 'stocking up' we just needed a few things and would have come anyway. i guess that's why i wasn't on the front page of today's paper. sigh... (i love the frog tree merino. it was in the clearance bin when i used my gift certificate so i snatched what 'knitting off broadway' had. soft to the max).

  3. Gah! I'm dying to get back into Knitting Off Broadway! I have a gift voucher as well, but I've been trying to knit through a bit more of my stash before I stock up.