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yesterday we overheard a teenage girl tell her mom:

"...grandpa gave me $100 to spend at the game...  so, i got the big pink bear...  as a souvenir, ya know...  for memories."

thinking now of the things i bought as a youngster "ya know, for memories".  a bag of shells in florida.  a sporty looking t-shirt out west.  a tiny cat with shiny eyes, covered with (real?) fur from some gas station in a random town where we stayed one night.

i think i've done better choosing souvenirs, lately.  although, i admit, i would probably still buy a small furry cat or a bag of shells.  from our may trip to china, i brought home this great poster, a pretty dress, and some other fun things.

i've never been to jamaica.  but someone has, and they chose to remember their trip with a tiny tank complete with a floating fish.  swish the stale water back and forth and it's like you're there.  or something.

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