Three Grayscale Tees

A few long-sleeve tees I made for myself recently.  Pretty basic, but it's nice to have some knit tops that fit well with sleeves that are long enough.  I was nervous to make the placket on the black one, but it turned out pretty well, teeny bones all lined up and everything.  I got a wee bit fancy on the dark grey tee by making a slightly scalloped edge on the neck rib with one of the special stitches on my machine.  I used McCalls M6747 with some alterations (took out the center back seam, too).  Definitely need to make more of these!

Handmade Knit Long Sleeve Tees 2


  1. These are perfect and so well-sewn!

  2. Outstanding tees! I've had that pattern stashed for quite awhile, you're making me think it needs to move up the queue faster :D!

    1. Thanks, Ginny! Yes, this pattern's a good one! I even made a couple of the long version for pajamas. :-)

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    1. Thank you! I sort of surprised myself with how well it turned out. :-)