handmade christmas gifts | sewn

even during the holiday hubbub i managed to document most of the gifts i made.  it's nice able to make gifts by hand, and i'm grateful for friends and family who appreciate how special it is to receive things that weren't store-bought.  here are some sewn items (i'll save the hand-knits for another day)...

first are a couple potholders i made using swatches of my tumbling teddy bears and happy cactus fabrics.  ok, so the teddy bear one i kept for myself, but the cactus one was happily received by my sister-in-law.  i sandwiched a couple layers of cotton batting between fun fabrics and machine stitched diagonally across for a quilted look (i used masking tape guides to keep my lines straight).  to finish i hand stitched the bias tape to keep things nice and neat.

Handmade Potholders 4

Handmade Potholders 1

Handmade Potholders 3

next is a little collection of doll clothes made for my niece, selah.  she is extremely fond of her babies and usually has at least one or two tucked under her arms.  i got the measurements of her bitty baby and found a similar sized doll at a thrift store, so i could easily draft some simple little garments.

Doll Clothes 1

over the past few months i've had several requests from selah for "mittens for my baby…  so her hands aren't cold"...  so, of course i had to make this very small pair:

Doll Clothes 2

and here's an outfit for esmé, the littlest babe of the bunch.  the fabric for the top i've had for years, originally purchased from SR harris when i lived in minneapolis.  it's so soft with such a delicate and cute pattern.  the pants are made from this fabric.  i used brindille & twig patterns for both.

Baby Outfit 1

Baby Outfit 2


  1. Adorable and soooo delicate! How you had the patience to sew those iddy-biddy gloves?!!

    1. thanks, Caroline! the tiny mitts weren't too tricky, though i did have to make about four tests to get these to work, but it was worth it... my niece was so excited when she opened her gift!