blog hop

i was very flattered to be tagged by the lovely Sara of Mixed Emotions to join the blog hop that's been going around.  she is such an excellent sewer and always looks so glamorous while modeling her handmade wardrobe.

my blog hop Q&A:

Why do you write?

i really enjoy taking photos and documenting projects.   having a blog has been a fun way to share my work and to make connections with people who have similar interests.

deciding what to sew

What are you working on?

right now i'm making piles of Wrist Zips for the shop and to sell at upcoming holiday markets.  also, i just finished a baby hat for our newest little cousin and now i'm sewing up a few more from my own fabric designs to sell in the shop.  

it's sometimes a challenge deciding what to sew for myself  with so many cute vintage patterns and fabrics to chose from…  i was waffling between the ones pictured above until Marilla released her Maya pattern, which is now cut out and ready to be sewn up!  

knit-wise i've been working on a shawl from this pattern and in the studio i've been drawing tiny tumbling muscle men and, as usual, lots of little animals and plants.

Knotted Baby Hat

How does your blog differ from others of its genre?

i think my blog is different because i share such a range of my own projects.  from sewn garments and knitting projects to art, illustration and film photography…  plus the random "daily life" or "funny things" post.  i like to mix it up.

Grey Wrist Zips with Animal Heads Tote

How does your writing process work?

i enjoy writing, but on this blog the images do most of the talking…  i especially like to keep things mysterious when posting artwork. when sharing sewing/crafting projects i begin with the photos and and then describe noteworthy bits of my making process while still having fun with words.  (i love alliteration).

i draw here

okay, now i'd like to pass the blog hop torch to two lovely gals:  Emily & Tea.  both are excellent sewers who know how to pick the perfect fabric for a pattern.

i love Emily's style and pretty much want to copy everything she makes…  i'm totally impressed by her drafting skills.  did you see her self-drafted railroad pants?  the perfect fit!

Tea makes the most delighful dresses.  she is an archeologist and i love that a lot of her garments are made to be "stylish while digging".   Tea uses song titles to name her makes, giving us a glimpse of her current soundtrack.  very cool.

tiny  muscle men drawing in progress

P.S. the cat painting in the background of the baby-hat photo is by david.  you can get a print of it here!


  1. I love how you mix it up! It makes your blog really special. thanks for your kind words :)

    1. you're welcome, Sara! and thanks for your comment, it's really good to hear that you like the variety! :-)

  2. it's always nice to read more about you :) thanks again for thinking of me :) since you've mentioned "stylish while digging", maybe I'll participate on some rescue excavations in November, so we'll see if it's possible to be stylish in winter ;)

    1. thanks, Tea! ooh, making winter stylish-while-digging dresses sounds like a fun challenge! :-)