just because i like to write in lowercase letters doesn't mean i don't like uppercase. you may have spotted a few pretty issues on our new shelf in a recent post.   we were really excited to receive the current issue (14) because our name illustrations appear on page 30! 

Uppercase 1

Uppercase 3

i illustrated my name using the negative space between plant-forms and david hand-lettered his as an actual maze!Marie

David's maze
(contact david if you'd like a custom name maze).



  1. In Uppercase!? You're famous! And they look so lovely!

  2. You guys are amazing. these are too good!

  3. enough already! Hasn't your creativity reached it's limit?! Just kidding these are awesome and you guys are always a-maze-ing me (oh dear I did write that didn't I) with your beautiful creations!

  4. heehee. thanks! i keep telling david that i drew my name with plants because i like plants and he did his as a maze because he's a-maze-ing. :)