pencils and postcards

packing up orders is more fun with pretty string, fun postcards and wacky pencils.  these postcards are now in the shop and the pencils will be soon.  we had a blast coming up with funny phrases to put on pencils.  can't wait to share the rest.  hope they'll make you laugh.

11-28-11 001

11-28-11 002

11-28-11 004

this postcard is one of david's paintings:  beauty lives by kindness.  i love it.

and this one is one of my film photos:  santa had a rough year.  i think this would be a pretty funny alternative to a standard holiday greeting card. 

11-23-11 020


  1. Those Santa postcards are great! I have a few people to write to this holiday season and I know they would get a kick out receiving one in the mail. :D

  2. you lucky duck! you get to look at the real thing. :) (email coming soon).

  3. thanks! nothing like a withering santa to get into the holiday spirit. haha!