i used nicer fabric than i normally would to test this pattern.  i guess i was really hoping it would turn out.  there are a few things i will change when i make it again, but overall i think it's pretty wearable.

inspired by the vintage pattern pictured below...  i don't normally go for square necks, but i thought i'd give it a try.  my favorite parts are the pockets, which were a last minute addition.  i'll take some photos of this being worn soon.  it's just too (wonderfully) warm out today.

10-5 024

10-5 026

10-5 028

10-5 045


  1. I really like this beautiful shirt you made. The fabric, the shape and the gorgeous details.
    The yellow goes so well with the grey...Lovely. :)

  2. Truly lovely. I, too, live the pockets!