gathered roses

here's my new blouse.  i'm quite happy with how it turned out.  i like the cropped length a lot, especially after wearing long tunic-type tops for so long.  now i just have to find the right pair of high waisted trousers. 




i'd also like to introduce my new hat, which i found in a pile at the closing antique store.  it's in perfect condition and fits my big head!  i admit i feel a little like a clown who's trying to look cool when i wear it, but i like it anyway.  i wore blouse and hat to the park yesterday for some reading/crochet time.  david took a few pictures which i'll show you tomorrow.


this is pattern K from japanese pattern book: stylish dress book (the first one).  i passed this one by for a while, not really thinking i'd like it, but one day i was looking at this rose fabric trying to find the perfect pattern to use it with.  the fabric is just right for such a full top:  a very light, smooth, tightly-woven rayon.  the pattern calls for way more gathering  than i usually like to do (or wear).  i often get a little impatient with gathering and try to take short-cuts, ending up with lumpy uneven puckers...  but this time i made myself go slow, evening out the fabric, placing pins about evey half inch.  it was worth it!  the only change i made was to add one inch to the sleeves and body.  i give this pattern 5 stars. 




  1. love this, the hat is perfect too. I just got the stylish dress book a month or so ago and have got to make something from it soon!

  2. thanks, anna! this is such a good pattern book. my favorite of the stylish dress book series. make something pretty!

  3. Where can I get this pattern?