i just spent way too long looking at this etsy pattern shop.  mostly i was looking for faces/expressions/postures to draw.  found lots of those...

Il_fullxfull.47852425    Untitled-6

Untitled-1    Untitled-3

but then i found some things that i'd like to make.  strange that i seemed to be attracted to the crochet patterns.  usually i don't like the dated-ness of crochet-wear, but isn't that dress pretty and the baby outfit cute?  (click on images to see 'em bigger). 

Untitled-5   Untitled-11  Untitled-10

and then there's the strange stuff...  floating baby heads and loopy baby bags.

Untitled-7   Untitled-9

and this guy.  i love his style.  is warby parker going to make those glasses next?


all images from here.


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