today's special

a photo from my third birthday...  why is my sister blowing out my candles?  and the cake even has my name on it.


actually, my sister's birthday is the day before mine, and my cousin's is a few days after.  so every january, we had our own little birthdays and then a shared celebration.

if only i still had that crown (it would be so easy to add a glittery number '1').  also, it wouldn't hurt if i had a sweater with a house on it.


  1. Happy Birthday! I also wouldn't mind having a blue sweater with a house on it :))
    PS. You have a very lovely blog!

  2. thanks so much! i sometimes wish i had my childhood wardrobe now... in my current size, of course. :) you have a very sweet blog, yourself!

  3. aren't old photos fun? i'm so glad my parents were handy with the camera back then... also my mom did such a great job with those crowns. talk about making a kid feel special. :)