crocheted containers

i buy most of my fabric and crafting supplies at thrift shops...  the idea of adapting and re-using materials is very important to me.  also, i like the challenge of thinking of things to make from the limited amounts of whatever i happen to find.  the only problem is that i have piles and stacks of thrifted materials waiting to be made into who-knows-what...  well, it's not really a problem (until the shelves topple over and the floor caves in).  but i am trying harder than ever to use what i have... 

a couple recent projects:  two crocheted containers.  the first is made from strips of old sheets.  i like what happens when the ripped up bits of color are twisted with each stitch creating a completely new design.




the other is made from thick "jute-like" macrame yarn.  i have enough left over to make another just the same.



so now i have two more containers to fill with supplies!


  1. I love the one made with macrame yarn. How hard was it to crochet with the heavy yarn?

  2. thanks! it wasn't too hard... i used a big, 9mm metal crochet hook, so it slid really nicely. it did take a tad more muscle than your usual crochet... my arm got a little sore after a while. :)

  3. I LOVE these. I have some vintage sheets that I was thinking into turning into containers like these - but I never crocheted before! Did you use a pattern? Thanks!

  4. thanks! it is a great way to use vintage sheets, i think! i didn't have a pattern, so i just kind of made it up as i went along... i cut the sheets into about 1 1/4 inch strips and used a 9mm hook and the single crochet stitch for the whole thing. for the bottom i just tried to increase regularly so it ended up flat and then when it got the diameter i wanted my container to be i stopped increasing and just single-crocheted away until it was as tall as i wanted it. good luck! :)