in color

i'd been on the lookout for some nice colored mechanical pencil lead...  found some at jet pens.  my order arrived yesterday, and i'm so excited!  the colors are nice and the lead is soft and rich, but not too fragile. 




been sitting here in the studio a lot more lately.  the more i'm there the more i want to be there, know what i mean?  although, a few drawings have been stumping me lately...  taking way longer to finish than they should.  but then i got these new colored leads...  and i drew these two lumps in one sitting.  i like them.


this last photo is a piece of paper david put up on his side of the studio the other day.  i'm eager to see what happens on it!


  1. Your workspace is adorable. I especially like how you separated the colored pencils by similar shades. Brilliant!
    And those colored mechanical pencils would have come in handy for my math classes. I kind of want them even if i won't use them for drawing (because i totally don't know how)!

  2. aw, thanks! i do love sorting things by color. :) i can't believe i only just discovered these mechanical pencils. i only wish they made them in even more colors! (and they are very fun just to write with).