new fall tops






after making a few tops to sell, i felt the urge to whip up something for myself.  i ended up making three (!) tops.  altering the pattern slightly for each one...

the one made with the pretty red floral knit (clearance!) has a pocket and cuffs. 

the white one with the squiggly plant forms (from the beijing fabric market) is a bit longer, also with a little pocket.

and my new jammie shirt, made with the softest knit (with the weirdest dancing ladies print), is longer with no hemming, so it just kind of rolls up.


  1. I should do this too. Knit tops from stores always seem to shrink up and get tossed into my pj pile leaving me with few options. You're so productive, sewing to sell and for yourself! That red floral knit looks very Liberty to me, is it? I like your cute tops, you did a great job :)

  2. thanks! yeah, i'm glad to be able to make my own knit stuff... much better than being disappointed when something store bought shrinks up all wonky. october has been a pretty productive sewing month... now if i can only keep the momentum going. :) oh, i found the red floral on the clearance rack at joanns, so i don't think it's liberty, but it looks like it to me too.