Tiny Things Collection Note Cards

Creating these cards makes me so happy.  I really wish I could have a full-time job making these arrangements.  I have always collected little things (I know I'm not the only one!) and am happy to have a use for my tiny treasures (and an excuse to add more to my collection). I piece these together like improvised jigsaw puzzles, carefully placing, shifting and tweaking as I build and expand the layout.  

The little letters are from a vintage ceramic set...  It's fun brainstorming phrases, some pretty silly, others more traditional. I'm always open to suggestions if you have any ideas!

There are eight cards in this series so far, the six pictured here and two winter/holiday themes (let's not think about that season yet). You can purchase each individually or as a set in our shop (also available to retailers wholesale).  

I hardly need mention how much kids enjoy looking at these... Anyone up for a game of I Spy?

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