Citrus Slide Socks

I haven't posted here in over a year, what with the ease of sharing on Instagram and all...  But I kind of miss this space, so here's a pair of socks.

These took a while to finish, partly because, even though I loved the colors of the skein when I got it, as soon as I started (well, a couple inches in) I really disliked how it was knitting up.  I feel like this happens a lot with me and this type of yarn.  Anyway, I powered through, determined to finish them even though I was sort of grossed out by the color combos all along the way...  Would I even wear them? Since finishing and blocking, these have grown on me a bit. They'll look great under a tall pair of boots!

Pattern: Smooth Operator Socks
Yarn: Wisdom Yarns - Pix in Citrus Slide

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