February Drawings

I joined some friends for a drawing-a-day club in February and cranked out a number of little pieces.  I've been posting more work on my tumblr art blog lately, but wanted to share some favorites here, too.

Feb. 5     •     "Wiggle Dress"    •     5x7"

The Singer
Feb. 6     •     "The Singer"     •     6x8"

she takes valentine's day very seriously
Feb. 14     •     "This little girl takes Valentine's Day very seriously"     •     6x8"

Eager Egrets
Feb. 17     •     "Eager Egrets"     •     8x10"     •     Prints available.

Crake & Rail
Feb. 19     •     "Crake & Rail"     •     6x8"

Feb. 21     •     "Capture"     •     8x10"     •     Prints available.

a baby with big ideas
Feb. 27     •     "A baby with big ideas"     •     6x8"

just put down your briefcase and dance already.
Feb. 28     •     "Put down your briefcase and dance already"     •     4x6"

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