new fabric design: floral horse cameo

what a treat to receive these swatches of the horse fabric i designed. 

i created this version (available in two scales) directly from my graphite and watercolor drawings:

horse cameo fabric

and a more graphic version in four colorways.  i can't decide which i like best...  maybe the green?

horse cameo fabric
horse cameo fabric

my inspiration, a horse named butter (and the reason we say "like butter through a barn" instead of "like a knife through butter"): 

butter the horse

oh, and i liked the scattered flowers and twigs so much that i created these variations sans horse: 

scattered flowers textile design 4 colors

availble in my spoonflower fabric shop.


  1. These would make really cute sheets! I hope that is not offensive.

  2. not at all! now i just need a bedding/linen company to license my designs to!