hanging a show

david and i are participating in a group show at crestwoods gallery, a nice new space in roanoke.  we spent a little while yesterday arranging and hanging...  it's always fun to show our work side-by-side.  even betsy (david's sister) has some of her snazzy folded books in the show.

here are some shots of the hanging process.  it looks like david did all the work, but i helped.  really, i did.

8-24-12 016

8-24-12 020

8-24-12 019

8-24-12 035

8-24-12 032a

betsy's books with david's paintings and my drawings in the background.

8-24-12 049

8-24-12 055

some sculptures from my installation "the acoustics of upholstery" are making an appearance.

8-24-12 054

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