key lanes

yesterday, between dropping off a package at UPS and picking up a couple potatoes at the co-op we stopped at this abandoned bowling alley.  you can barely make out the shape of a key between the two words.  i imagine some giant took it needing it to start his car or something.

anyway, david took a few shots of me in my recently thrifted, high-waisted, purple denim shorts.  the brand: no excuses.  the belt-loops: kinda low.  but i was pretty pumped to find them, cuz now i have something to wear this little white blouse with (also thrifted). 

6-21-12 019

6-21-12 007b

6-21-12 013

6-21-12 016

6-21-12 012

6-21-12 015


  1. What a cute outfit! I found some thrifted pale pink high waisted shorts <3. Still need to find the perfect top for it. Yay thrift finds!

  2. oooh, pale pink... those sound awesome. hooray for high waists! and thrift! :)