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david and i recently started offering mail art subscriptions in the shop.  we sent the first one last week and are excited to have more lined up.  these are so fun to work on.  passing ideas and images back and forth, talking about placement and pattern.  (david does most of the gluing). you can see more of our collaborative work here.

10-23-11 010

10-23-11 013

we've both been sending mail art for years, even before we met.  during grad school (and for a couple years after) i altered old postcards and sent them to friends and acquaintances.  complete with random messages on the backs.  all numbered, i sent over 100.  here are a couple:



you could almost say that david and i met through mail art.  our mutual friend encouraged me to write to david (he lived states away).  so i did.  in return he sent me these two halves, a week or two apart. i thought it was pretty awesome that he split the message in two, so i had to wait till the second half arrived to piece it together.  needless to say, i was intrigued.

10-26-11 001

10-26-11 006

10-26-11 009

where these two halves live in my sewing area.

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