we've had a fun and busy weekend.  got together for our annual "camp" with david's family.  the days and evenings were packed with fun activities for kids and grown-ups.  last year's big event was the joust and the year before david and i created the museum of imaginary animals.  this year we had "biker night", "winter night" and more.  with so many cute kids running around i could hardly set my camera down.  here are some of my favorite shots...

one of the "skull boxes" that david made and my beanbags.  (for biker night).

Biker nite 174

melting ice cubes with toys inside.  an activity from "winter night".

Winter nite 005

also from winter night:  a snowball fight!  the snowballs were pantyhose filled with flour.  as a result the kids became very pale.  they loved it!

Winter nite 008

Winter nite 084

Winter nite 122

Winter nite 102

Winter nite 119

Winter nite 173

Sunday 036

Sunday 043
these last couple shots are of our niece, ivy.  who is impossibly cute.  she modeled a couple of my kids garments.  i'll show you those photos soon.

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