many thanks

just wanting to super-thank a few sweet folks for posting about imaginary animal/plastic foliage:

carmen, who purchased a topknot has a lovely blog and a rad shop.  she makes these awesome wearable geometric shapes!  isn't the nautical one great?  i'd shop in a store that has a polyhedron section for sure.  go meet my little architect.

My little architect

my friend from grad school, natalie, has a fun blog and a couple of neat-o shops.  check out the sweet hand painted apple box at miss natalie.  her newer shop, canoe, is awesome.  chock full of vintage mens work wear plus wood-burned and leather-worked knives and key chains.  i could have used one of these when i was whittling the bark off twigs for the acoustics of upholstery.

you'll see photos by abby in natalie's shop.  abby has been such a great supporter of more less.  she mentioned my efforts on her baby blog and abby try again. so many thanks to her!

also kristina of lovely morning ( a lovely blog) and robyn who writes for makobi scribe (she's hosting a handsoap giveaway).

and (to whoever is reading this) thank you, too!


  1. these are great links. i LOVE the geometric jewelry! :)

  2. aren't they, though? i think she's on to something with the wearable geometry!