i love finding old-ish photos that i've forgotten about.  while doing some organizing the other day, i came across these two photos tucked randomly between scraps of paper.  they're both from when i was at cranbrook and i have no idea who took them.

actually this first one is me on the day i received my MFA.  it just cracks me up...  surround by a huge plush leg made by sarah who now makes the cutest stuffed animals and holding a ceramic turkey (that heats up!) made by joanie...  wearing that silly pink sweatshirt and bright green leggings.

"the image of our country starts with me".  yeah, sure.

The image of our country starts with me
and yes, that's me in the middle, poking a stick into the dinosaur's bellybutton.  those were the days when i had ice cream almost every day.


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