cute cute...

-ivy sept 29 024

-ivy sept 29 046

-ivy sept 29 072

-ivy sept 29 078

-ivy sept 29 129

-ivy sept 29 134

-ivy sept 29 139
yesterday i had a little photo shoot with our niece ivy.

she is too cute for words.

and somehow she keeps getting cuter!

i only wish i would've had a better, older quilt for the last few shots.  this one i made back in high school.  never really liked the fabric choices (all from my mom's stash, probably).  now i'm on a mission to find the perfect vintage quilt.


  1. What sweet shots! Love the one where she's wrapped up in the quilt...with one little tooth on show :)

  2. thanks! i know, isn't that little tooth the best. :)